Thursday, October 16, 2014


demo 2014 {Lowlife}
1. Born Under a Bad Sign
2. Forced Out
3. Pulled Apart
4. Unchained
5. Torn

417 Midwest Hardcore band Low Life just released Demo 2014, a five track mosh-tastic banger. Low Life features members of 417 hardcore band Blackhole, and if you're a fan of hardcore or metallic hardcore music, this is the release for you. Each song is a little more diabolic than the one previous, and every song on the release is full of greatness. The kinda stuff that you'll fall in love with. One of the best hardcore bands i've listened to in a while, and they're a local, so you'll for sure want to check them out. If you know me, the two things I look for in hardcore music are:
1) Swear Words
2) Two Step Parts
Low Life's Got em
Midwest Hardcore. Get this. Rest in Piece Biggie. 

Favorite song: Born Under a Bad Sign