Friday, October 17, 2014

Midwaste by Perfect People

Midwaste by Perfect People
1. Autotuned
2. Cornered
3. Safe Word
4. Kindling
5. Guts
6. Gemini
7. Midwaste

Saint Louis's very own Perfect People's release, Midwaste off of Just Another Day Records. 
Like mostly every hardcore release, she's a headbanger. The seven songs are quick and in our face, these guys don't waste any time telling you how they feel. If you're a fan of hardcore music, you should check this out. If you aren't a fan of hardcore music, you should still check this out. It's nothing that stands out to me exceedingly, the only thing that I keep on coming back for is the beginning song, but I'm sure everyone else can find something that they love about this. It's honestly pretty good.


Favorite Song: Autotuned