Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Deeper by Blackhole

1. Deeper
2. Not Cool Enough
3. Keep Spitting
4. Art Extortion
5. Lost Sight, Start a Fight

Wen u fav hardcore band puts out a new release
417 band Blackhole just released Deeper. This 5 song release features 4 new songs and 1 song from a past release. The title track, "Deeper" is a really cool intro that was released first and everybody listened to and I absolutely love it.  I mean I like everything about this release. But in all honesty like I said I like Blackhole a lot. Production is really well done on this, and instrumental wise, as always with this band and these guys, these guys are all really good at songwriting. Cool thing, aside from the normal just Hal doing vocals, Dustin and Brennden also make some vocal appearances. I dig it when bands do that. Use what you have, ya know? "Art Extortion" has a really cool message, as do all of the songs on this release. Blackhole carries the kind of message about doing what you do because you love to do what you do and stuff and I don't know just listen to it don't read this this. 

Love the remake of "Lost Sight, Start A Fight" It's one of the songs that I never really payed too much attention to on the self titled, but what with the new sound and the addition of Dustin doing a small vocal part, it's one of my favorite on the releases as a whole. I'm glad they didn't do "Back Alley Brain Abortion" or anything like that because I mean everyone knows that song and stuff but yeah cool stuff. Good job Blackhole. 

Favorite track overall: lost sight start a fight
Favorite new track: Art Extortion (I'm a sucker for talking part things)

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