Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spring '14 by Brain Dead

Spring '14 { Brain Dead }
1. The Slam
2. Keep it Away
3. Next Year
4. Forever

How many bands can Texas have. I think if I was ever a politician I would try to get on the side of the Texas music scene (if, in this horrible scenario, hardcore kids voted). Anyway, Brain Dead is a Straight Edge youth band, the kind with x's on their hands, the kind with unlimited posi jumps, and great sounding snares*.
Anyway, in the full 6 minutes that this release is, you've got what ya need to hear. Vocals are short and the music is a banger. The kind of stuff I would mosh to. They deviate their music a lot, especially on the first track, "The Slam". It goes from the mid tempo head banging stuff to the fast skank stuff to the slower two stepping stuff to a cool guitar solo to a beatdown and it all shows you that i don't know how to review music. These guys are good, check them out. Plus it's only like 6 minutes long so download it to add to your collection of straight edge bands/hardcore bands/bands from texas/bands. 
I haven't heard any bad texas bands yet but I'd love to so if anyone finds any send them my way. 

favorite track: The Slam

*I have no idea if the snare sounds good but it stands out a lot to me and one time I watched this band called Homewrecker play a live show and their snare stood out to me and my friend Kasey said it sounded good so I dunno.

Side Note:
I always have split feelings when it comes to edge bands. I love the messages that they are spreading, and I love the music. I could sit and listen to bands like this and No Thanks and Free At Last but then again I don't like when people who are edge throw their opinion on people and say that if you drink the marijuana or smoke the beer you're a stupid butt. I dunno everyone should love everyone but I dig that these guys have their opinions so straight and that they make awesome music.