Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Great American Goodbye by Arkham

//The Great American Goodbye||Arkham\\
1. Mourning in America
2. Youngblood
3. Old Money
4. Skeletal Machinery
5. Kelly Thomas
6. Flag Burner

Post Hardcore/Punk band, Arkham (Chicago) put out this six song release a month or so ago. Skramz/hardcore-style vocals mixed with Post Hardcore singing style/verses/tune, make up the vocals, and as far as music goes, it reminds me of what Defeater would sound like if they took out the lead guitar and tried their hand at low-tempo hardcore. These guys have a lot to say, and with catchy melodic chorus's, such as the one that fits into "Youngblood", their message is driven through.
Music is simple but interesting, drums aren't anything crazy, but they work well. Breakdown-ish measures, and nothing really overly low and deep sounding. The release as a whole has a darker vibe to it, which I really dig, and I didn't truly appreciate this release until the third or fourth time I listened to it. Some pretty good songwriting skills mixed with different influences help show off what this band can do. Check this release out, it's one that I'm really enjoying. I can't wait to see what else these guys can do. Chicago has some pretty darn good bands. That area in general has some really good bands.
Get it.

Favorite track: Youngblood