Sunday, August 31, 2014

Willing in Woe by Threading

Willing in Woe {Threading}
1. Heat
2. Urchin
3. Gloom Wild
Another short release off of Known Pleasure Records, Michigan Shoegaze band's 3 song release, Willing In Woe, is full of emotion and sad shoegazy things that make shoegaze shoegaze. Shoegaze is some weird sub-genre of alternative rock that got called shoegaze because a bunch of emo musicians probably started using peddles and looked at their feet a lot. Or maybe not idk it's shoegaze it's awesome. Shoegaze is really spacy music, all sorts of guitar effects and vocals are nice and calming. Literally just walls of sound. Anyway, these three songs are on the longer sides of songs, run times around 3-5 minutes. As far as shoegaze bands go, Threading does a really good job. All of the songs have essentially the same type of feels and sound to them so they all run together and sound like one big song and it's a little hard to tell them all apart but that's not really a bad thing. Tempos are slow and relaxing, vocals are set back and not really important, and production is on the highest end of all of the lo-fi stuff. This is a release I'd check out if I didn't know what shoegaze was and wanted to get into it, and also if you did know what shoegaze was and wanted to hear a good shoegaze band, or if you don't like shoegaze and don't want to hear this, you should listen anyway. Essentially listen to this. 

Favorite track: Urchin

**I said Shoegaze 13 times in this post