Wednesday, August 6, 2014



What a Dream
Never Want To See You Again
Summer's Day
Offensive To Cats??

Warning: this band isn't from Brazil, click the link below and then continue reading. Or else.

Brazil is from Boston, MA on Waybridge Records that pulls a lot of cool and interesting flavors and textures in their release GHOST MACHINE/MACHINE.

 At first listen of Trees, I thought was in for another junk acoustic release, but then I took a closer listen and then discovered the way the vocals flow on top of the catchy guitar riff kind of a dreamy-vibe to them. Really makes ya think about trees, ya know? Anyways, the next few tracks open up to a full band sound (which I prefer most) but continues to carry that dreamy-state as the first song does.

This album kind of goes back in forth between just acoustic-guitar and vocals (and a harmonica nicely used on Awake, bonus points) and a full-band sound. Which keeps things interesting, and not so predictable, which I'm all about. Summer's Day starts with neat (and standard) disco-drum beat that has a reggae-vibe to it and it just grooves for the entire 2 minute run-time. A cool thing I've noticed as well is that each song makes feel like around or near or doing whatever the title is. Trees makes me think of trees, Bed makes me think of being in bed, etc. etc. etc.

Key songs I wanna/need to talk about: 

1)What A Dream: Starts with this cool concerto sound that quickly comes friendly with a swing-y bass guitar/snare drum which brings Vampire Weekend to mind and is a fun little song that has a Latin-ish chord progression and otherwise worn out-feel to it. Pretty much like when somebody is coming down from being over-caffeinated.

2) Never Gonna See You Again: Starts with a cutesy acoustic guitar riff that adds some layers (like slapping the strings on 2 and 4) and when the vocals you get this sick Jack Johnson-vibe. Introduces some cool harmonica lines and extra guitar layers. This song just keeps adding in layers of cool sounds giving a very cool, trippy-sound. (show to all your LSD-using friends)

3) Machine: FFO: Funeral Party, OK Go, Postal Service, The Little Comets. Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist.

 The MACHINE part of this album (last two tracks) are more a dance-pop sound to them that I can get jiggy with. Reminds me of Funeral Party but not as bright in the production. I hope this is a direction that they seek to try out, because it's cool.

Definitely looking forward to whatever else these guys are going to release. Rad group. Stay rad.

Fav Tracks: Never Gonna See You Again, Machine, Trees