Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Midnight Sun by Tyler Stanton-Bond

Midnight Sun by Tyler Stanton-Bond
1. Life is Sweet
2. Love of Mine
3. Never Again
4. On Repeat

local 417 singer/songwriter Tyler Stanton-Bond's debut demo, Midnight Sun, released off of Spacetime Records. Tyler plays that soft acoustic rock music you listen to on the radio. That good stuff. Jack Johnson, that kinda stuff. And man can this guy sing. Instrumentation is simple, guitar, vocals, and a shaker at some points. The songs are the normal verse/chorus/verse/chorus kinda thing that most songs these days have, but still luckily the songs aren't that long. Average to below average run times. The four songs have good production, and the topics are those normal things you get from this type of music all the time. Love won, love lost, won't love again, why does this keep on happening. 
Not the best release ever, but it's something that I listen to from time to time because it's actually pretty catchy and the songs get stuck in my head.

Favorite song of mine: Life is Sweet