Saturday, August 30, 2014

Interview with Tyler Amman of Balls Deep Productions

Tyler Amman, founder of Balls Deep Productions, was kind enough to answer some interview questions about Balls Deep Productions, local 417 hardcore/mixed genre promoter company. Balls Deep specializes in the underground aspect of the local music scene, dealing with large varieties of bands, different venues and house shows, and really promoting the whole idea of the "Do it yourself", or DIY. Without BD, I personally feel like the Springfield music scene wouldn't be where it is today. They give chances to any band that works hard, and they put on some awesome as hell shows while they are at it.

Why did you start Balls Deep Productions, and who did you start it with/did you start it by yourself?

I helped form Balls Deep back in the summer of 2007 with David Blacksher, Daniel Wells, Toby Ayres (R.I.P.) and Andrew McWilliams(R.I.P). We formed it because we were tired of traveling to Joplin, Missouri (An hour away) for shows. 

Why the name "Balls Deep?" Any funny story or did you choose it just because?

No real reason. We were just stoned and it made us giggle like girls so we decided to go with it. My friend Andrew came up with the name. 

Do you remember the first band/first show you ever booked?

Our first show we booked was an all local show November 30th, 2007

What's your favorite kind of show to book?

My favorite kind of show to book is obviously hardcore. 

What would you say is the biggest band you've ever booked?                                                 
We've booked a lot of bands before they blew up so that's kind of a tough one. 

What is the dream band for you to book?

I've always wanted to book Terror. Yup.

What does DIY mean to you and what should it mean to other people?

DIY to me means being involved and taking on responsibilities of your music scene. Showing up is cool but do something for your music scene. I think everyone has a different perspective on what DIY means. 

What is your opinion about the 417 Music Scene?

I think we have something very special here. Bands [that come through] are always impressed by the crowd reaction and attendance.

Are there any bands from the good ole 417 that you think everyone should check out?

Free at last, the itch, dream ritual, pizza breath, low life, space waste, this above all. 

If every band in the Springfield music scene got into a huge battle royal, what band do you think would come out on top at the end?

I think all the juggalos and dirty rap artists would win. 

Lastly, what are some upcoming shows people should know about?

We only have Twitching tongues, disgrace, jungle juice + 2 locals in November. The new blood touring coming up will be two bands that have been here this year already and one heavy weight midwest hardcore band headlining the tour in November. 

Well I'm sure excited to hear about this upcoming show. Balls Deep should be announcing it sooner than later.

It was really cool of Tyler to do an interview with me, when I asked he was more than willing and happy to. 

Thanks Tyler!!

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