Monday, August 25, 2014

Reverie by Malon

Reverie {Malon}
1. Happy People
2. Under A Red Sky
3. Your Invitation
4. Chrysanthemum Sonata
5. Magnolia Cacophony
6. Orchid Requiem 
7. In Life or in Reverie

a state of being pleasantly lost in one's own thoughts. 
In music: an instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or musing state

Takin' it back with one of the saddest bands I know, Malon's (pronounced alone with an M), Reverie is an old 7 song release from 2012 that I wanted to talk about. I reviewed Malon's Portraits of Dying a long while back, and I still listen to that thing. 
Malon mixes the soft and sad aspects of contemporary emo/twinkle music with the harsh, cathartic, still morbidly sad aspects of Skramz (re@al Screm0!). Guitars are high, drums are overly interesting to the point of annoyance, and bass actually does something important. 
Reverie is similar to Okkoto's Sleep Talk, as to get the full feeling from the release, you need to listen to entire release all the way through. With this release, it's a lot easier since all seven songs add up to only 19 minutes. The release is correctly titled Reverie because that's just what it is. Suggesting of a dreamy or a musing state. Aside from the music actually being good and all, I really dig the vocalist's vocals, his strained, quiet singing, mixed with his cathartic, chaotic screams.  
I always take a break from this band, but keep coming back because they're really really good. You'll just have to listen to them.
I still don't know how to review music.

Favorite Track: In Life Or In Reverie (Breaking bad audio clip much sad RIP WALT JUNIOR) **



**Walt junior is not dead