Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Chosen by A Universe Within

The Chosen {A Universe Within}
1. Coitus Hiatus
2. Homobrophobia
3. Omega Point
4. Somniloquy
5. Existential Crisis
6. Negotiating with the Arbiter

So I'm a big fan of Djent music, and djent music accessories, so I kind of searched this one out on the good ole' Bandcamp. Surprisingly there are quite a few of the bands, however there aren't that many pay as you will/free download bands. So I came across A Universe Within, band out of Harrisonburg, Virginia.
If you don't know what djent is, it's a spinoff of heavy metal that was originally created by Meshuggah.
A lot of people make fun of it because the guitars essentially use only the top strings in most songs, and the highly tuned down strings make a sound that sounds like the word djent. Weird time signatures, either all heavy vocals, or a mix of heavy and clean, and probably some other weird things. Played with 7 or 8 string guitars. Double bass peddle, a genre people don't consider a genre sometimes.  Progressive shit ya know the likes. Watch this, i find this hilarious.
Anyway, The Chosen by A Universe Within is a 6 song release that is chock full of the djenty djent noises that anyone could ever want. The music is really good, with a hardcore aspect thrown in. "Coitus Hiatus" has a totally cool *MOSHE* part that I would get down to. Especially if you like Djent music, or progressive and stuff, this is the kind of stuff you can get into.
Clean vocals clean up the chorus for "Homobrophobia" so if you're into metalcore and stuff that's the song for you. Plus, again, you've got some awesome music.

Overall, what I see for this release, is that the music is something that I like a lot. Vocal wise, the screams are good and are what are needed for this kind of music. Clean vocals are pop-ish and stuff. This would be an amazing release if I wasn't so against what these guys were singing about. Especially the first song.
Shut your fucking mouth
Get your knees up off the floor
Shut your fucking legs
Bitch, quit being a whore
ALMOST all djent bands are made up of guys that are like this, wear bro-tanks and stuff, so I guess it just goes with the genre. But yeah, anyway, good music if you can deal with not the best opinions.


I hope to god your dick falls off!
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