Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We Are the Quarry by Cutters

We Are The Quarry {Cutters}
1.  We Are The Quarry
2. Good Morning Boys
3. Savage Nights
4. X-Cutioner's Song
5. Excitable Liefeld
6. Young Gods
7. Batman 666
8. I Just Wanted To Walk On The Surface Again

"Is this all that I have to offer a world in which I'm insignificant?"

We Are The Quarry by Cutters is an 8 song art rock release from the New York, New York band. 
Catchy choruses, easy to listen to vocals, well used instruments, and good recordings make this a release I can listen to over and over again. Bass and Guitar dance around one another, and mixing for the entire thing is really more laid back. This for sure isn't a Golden Noose, in terms of loudness. 
Main vocals are smooth and folk-like in some parts, and backing vocals that are scattered intermittently add a wonderful spin to the songs. Song times are on the shorter to mid-range side, and the release isn't exactly a Dream Theater release. 
I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Art rock music, not exactly sure why, it all sounds good. But anyway, I can really get into this, because it also has like an ambient// "Post Punk" feel to it. Song wise, all four tracks are something to enjoy, and something of their own yet to me I enjoy the last two tracks most of all. The entire release, having built up, releases the last of it's energy in the final two emotion driven songs, melodic, simple, easy, fun to listen to. Check this release out, I really dig it and you will too. I'd love to see these guys live and I hope they go on some kind of midwest tour. 

Favorite Song: I Just Wanted To Walk On The Surface Again