Saturday, August 30, 2014

Peter Crisis/Until by Myrrh Myrrh

Peter Crisis/Until {Myrrh myrrh}
1. Peter Crisis
2. Until

Known Pleasure Records's latest release from three-piece Myrrh myrrh is a quick one, the two emo/punk/shoegaze-esq songs lasting a little over 7 minutes. I'm really digging the feel to the entire thing, it's got this weird grungy feel to it, the kind of stuff I'd love to see live. Grainy, yet well done production quality. Vocals are set farther back, and everything is so spacy, like if I was Afraid met the first half of "darker things" by Choir Vandals  or some other horrible comparison like that I guess. It's a really chill release yet at the same time it's also something to listen to and actually get interested in. Drumming is great, like most emo drumming, and guitar and drums are so grungy distorted that half of the time you can't even understand what they're playing. Vocals are great, everything's great this is something I'm going to listen to a lot and fall asleep to and I'm really glad I found this. Definitely something you should check out. So yeah check it out.


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