Saturday, August 2, 2014

All Pit, No Pendulum by Cathedral Fever

All Pit No Pendulum {Cathedral Fever}
1. Spiders Encircle
2. Monolithic Rapture
3. Black Art Cometh
4. Synthetic Echo
5. Oblivion Bed
6. Cavern of the Rapid Eye
7. Reprisal at the Dawn of Genesis

Saint Louis Missouri. Cathedral Fever. Dark Hardcore.

I'm a big fan of Hardcore music, and an even bigger fan of dark/chaotic hardcore music, such as Code Orange, Sabertooth, and, Surrender. Cathedral Fever brings their own to the table. High, cathartic vocals, strong backing instrumental tracks that bounce around strongly, adding a layer of difficulty to the simple hardcore genre. The seven songs featured on "All Pit No Pendulum" from the four piece which features three instruments,( Guitar, bass, drums) and two vocals (drummer also does vocals) is full sounding, well recorded, and, in my opinion a damn good release. I feel like there is a black metal influence to this band, but seeing as how I'm just a 17 year old kid who doesn't really listen to black metal***, I could be wrong. I just think of some weird deviation of black metal mixed with hardcore when I think of this. 
Vocals are set back in the mix, which gives the entire release an almost hollow, darker sound to it. Mixing is actually peculiar on this entire thing, but I like it. In "Oblivion Bed", you can barely hear a really awesome guitar riff over the rest of the instruments. The release is loud and in your face. I really enjoy the instrumental talent of these guys, the bass lines and guitar riffs featured in these songs make me smile. Not a dull moment, nothing really dragging on and repeating, even with the medium length run times. Check this release out. Missouri has some awesome gat dang bands.

Favorite track: "Reprisal at the Dawn of Genesis" (Cool ending parts/cool song parts/cool song)

*** Someone email me some god damn black metal bands that I can listen to that isn't burzum.