Saturday, April 5, 2014

Caterpillar by Buttons and Mindy

Caterpillar | Buttons and Mindy
1. Brian Fantana
2. Tai Chi Chai Tea
3. Orange Mocha Frappuccino!
4. I don't know the first thing about Kiefer Sutherland
5. The Haitian Sensation

You still taunt me with your green eyes
Where do I belong?
Before I review this: I think I've listened to this release so much and I think I enjoy it so much that whatever review I'll give it will be 100000% biased and just me complimenting every aspect of it. 


Math Rock/Art Pop band Buttons and Mindy show a catchy art pop side to the emotional genre that is twinkle/math rock. Production is really really good, and from the first track, the band had my attention. This is the band I'd show people that I want to get into the twinkle/Math genre, but who aren't accustomed to the style. 
Lyrical wise, these songs are as catchy as the swine flu if you've got a bad immune system. I've listened to "Orange Mocha Frappuccino!" about a million times, and know mostly all the lyrics to this release by heart. Vocal wise, this guy knows how to sing. 99% clean vocals, there are some yells in this weird inhaling voice during one of the songs, but it's far back in the mix and is really just there to add the aesthetics or whatever.
"I like the vocals because they are catchy and sound good"
Guitar playing is amazing, obviously because it's twinkle music. If the guitar player wasn't skilled then this 
wouldn't be a math band. But what makes it even more cool is that the guitar player isn't only the main vocalist, but he is also the only guitar player. I'm a sucker for two and three piece bands because you've gotta be really creative to not make your songs boring and this band does a great job with the whole creativity aspect. "I like the guitar because I play guitar and it's cool"
Bass wise, I really love to listen to these bass lines. Not much I can say about them except they are really cool and stand out in the mix, which would be a problem, again, if the bassist was just some shmuck that played roots and clipped every time he touched a string. "I like the bass because it's not boring and sounds good" 
Drums compliment the tracks perfectly and don't over power anything. Sorry drummer guy, I'd talk about your awesome drums more but the only drum beats I can play are four-in-the-floors and blast beats. "I like the drums because I can't drum like this guy drums"
Finally, in all of the bands I play in, we like to string our songs together with our live set, kind of run them together, and it's something that I always love when bands do, so I'll just throw out that the small fact that Buttons and Mindy do that on this release is totally cool to me. 
Anyway, another horribly worded review. Check out the release. 

Favorite track: Orange Mocha Frappuccino!