Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mobile Freedom Home by Roof Doctor

Mobile Freedom Home | Roof Doctor
1. Mobile
2. Bulldog
3. When I Was Really Losing It
4. Way Too Long
5. Every Three Months
6. Dad
7. Freedom
8. She Can't Jump
9. Bottle it Up
10. Home

Mobile Freedom Home by Roof Doctor is a release i've been waiting for for quite a while, so expect a more in-depth rant than my usual “I don't know what I'm doing” reviews. I reviewed Roof Doctor's first two releases a while ago, and fell in love with them. RD's first release was a fully acoustic jam that I listen to to this day. Their second release showed capability as a full band, and was a lighter, art pop folk jazz mixture that sounding amazing. Mobile Freedom Home shows an ambient rock folk pop. Production is just as on the last two releases: very well done and radio worthy. The overall tone of this release is still the same sad that I love, but with a feeling of accomplishment, or of happiness, but then again maybe I'm just searching.
They toned down the use of horns and brass instruments that was seen in I Am Going To Die, which isn't exactly that bad of a thing. Drums are a fun little thing to listen to. As a person who's drumming skills extend to me playing blast beats in a rock/powerviolence band, I can't exactly get too in depth with a drum review, but I really love a lot of the accents that are used, such as in “Bulldog”. Bass is actually heard in this release, and it's melodic grooves help carry the song along. As most bass does, it's just there, and even though it can be heard, it of course doesn't stick out amazingly. Guitar is in the fashion of a mixture between emo/twinkle/indie that just makes me nod my head in happiness.
Cool thing: we get to see another version of “When I Was Really Losing It”, a track from Roof Doctor's first release, June. This was something that I really enjoyed hearing, and something I bet everyone else enjoyed hearing.
The finisher track on the release, “Home”, is a ballad of a sad track. Banjo is definitely heard in this song, along with all of the other stuff seen in the release. I feel like it's the perfect finisher to Mobile Freedom Home. I feel that the entire release really flows well and that the songwriting abilities of this band is something amazing. Mobile Freedom Home Is more than what I was expecting, and I was so happy to see that it was finally released. Check it out, it's free to download.

Favorite track: Home