Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tsunami Bomb - The Definitive Act

Tsunami Bomb - The Definitive Act
1. Dawn on a Funeral Day
2. Being Alright
3. 5150
4. Safety Song
5. I Bought You
6. 4 Robots and an Evil Scientist
7. A Lonely Chord
8. Epic
9. Negative One to Ten
10. My Machete 
11. Tetanus Shot 
12. Jigsaw

 Tsunami Bomb is a Bay Area punk band formed around '99. Constant touring and their interesting and original take on punk earns this band its well deserved spot in my top 3 list. Their first full length release (The Ultimate Escape) came out in 2002, and they hit the road immediately after. This is their second release, coming out in 2004. Unfortunately, this band broke up after releasing a DVD because of business and music industry problems in fall of 2005. 

 I have a confession. I don't like Paramore. They're not that bad its just... I couldn't place what I didn't like about them until I found this band. Paramore is too... girly. These guys don't hold back. The guitars are heavily distorted, and are in no way simplified, and the singer, (Agent M) sings loud and proud about all the various subjects you'd expect a punk band to. Society, government, psychopaths, life, ect. The reason I compared this band to Paramore is because the lead singer reminds me a lot of Hayley Williams... Just in an actual punk band. Every once in awhile there's a male scream or two, and Agent M sometimes pulls out all the stops and full-on yells. It's quite amazing to hear. This band stays within the punk genre, but can sometimes be described as Pop - Punk, and sometimes borderlines on straight Rock. Nothing really stands out to me on this album, other than the fact that I absolutely love every song. Even the ones that I don't like as much as the other ones, I'd listen to them over practically every other band on the face of the Earth. 

This whole album was great, I'd give it a 96/100, and recommend it to anyone the moment they say they like Pop-Punk, or early 2,000's punk in general. 

Favorite track: Negative One to Ten. It's fast, in your face, and doesn't hold anything back. Everything I like in a song.

Tsunami Bomb – The Definitive Act