Monday, April 14, 2014

Love is Love//Return to dust by Code Orange Kids

Love is Love//Return To Dust|Code Orange Kids
1. Flowermouth (The Leech)
2. Around my neck//on my head
3. Sleep (I've been slipping)
4. Liars//trudge
5. Colors (into nothing)
6. Nothing (the rat)
7. Roots are certain//sky is empty
8. Choices (Love is Love)
9. Calm//breathe
10. Bloom (return to dust)

I don't usually review bands this big, but a friend of mine asked me what some "Mainstream" bands that play hardcore would be. All I could really think of would be Expire, Backtrack, and then Code Orange Kids as a close second. (I don't listen to much non-D.I.Y. music). Anyway, C.O.K. plays a super sludgy type of hardcore. This release features 3 vocalists, led mostly by female singer/guitarist and male singer/drummer. I was talking with my buddy kasey about this band's live videos and how many of the one's we've seen the crowd doesn't seem to be moving much. I don't know why this is exactly, but I think it's because these guys don't play the most simple of hardcore music. Seriously, the drumming/instrumentation on a whole is awesome to listen to. These guys change temp/time signatures when you wouldn't expect them to, and I love it.
I'm not the biggest fan of female vocals, ask anyone, but C.O.K. is different. She can hit lows that I wish I could. Plus the contrast of the two vocal styles keeps things changing although I would say they sound a little similar on recorded versions, however in live versions the drummer's vocals seem much more punk-esq. Each person's instrumentation is awesome though. I had to listen to this release multiple times, and just focus on each aspect individually. Especially the bass. High in the mix, it almost takes the roll of the guitar. Drums for sure lead the songs, and guitars seem to take place of the bass, seeming to fill space and make spacy noises. Anyway, Code Orange Kids is going to be releasing a new record soon, and I'm really excited about it. If you've not checked these guys out because you think they are too big, you're missing out. They are a party. The only complaint of mine would be the super spacy outros they put on the ends of almost all of their songs. I'm all for spacy anything, but they kind of kill the vibe. However they also make the contrasts so much better. Check it out.
Favorite track: "Nothing(The rat)"