Monday, April 28, 2014

Autonomads////No Mans Land

Autonomads|||No Mans Land

Great Benefit Cheat
The Struggle Continues
Foot In Mouth
Supermarket Sweep
Dubbin' Up The Downfall
Back To The Bark

Autonomads is an punk/ska band from Manchester, UK that dabs in the dub and dries in crust punk. Lyrics dealing with how things would be better without The Man over our shoulders, trying to control our actions. It's actually a really cool release with a lot of different elements that all flow into each other like a fast 'n dirty river. High energy and no low points. Most of the songs switch back in-and-forth between punk and dub/ska for the song structures which gives a push/pull feel to the entire album.

"Anarchy In The U.K"

The whole record grooves, musically and lyrically. I typically think featuring female vocalists is a very tacky and lame decision to made for "punk" songs but whoever Autonomads is featuring do a very successful job at not being either of those things. She sounds good. I don't know if you can call it "featuring" if she appears on half the tracks. The bass lines are pretty solid, but being a ska band, that's what I kind of expect. Drum tones are pretty cool. Keep that bass drum pumpin' dude, it's juicy and PHAT. Guitar melodies (when they're not skanking away) are simple 'n sweet. I think the sample in the beginning of G.M.P fits very well into the track. I would even say that this is the quintessential track of the album. In fact, all the longer songs on this album sound really good even though they repeat the instrumental part for the whole song with some different melodic ideas thrown around by the guitar/horns. All in all, the tones on this album are very professional for type of music these guy play. It's intriguing, and I dig the message of the band (I'm 50-50 on apologizing for the incredibly lame Sex Pistols reference)

Fav Track: G.M.P