Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sleep/Talk by Lord Okkotonushi

Sleep/Talk | Okkotonushi
1. Forchids
2. Shimmer
3. Utterances
4. Spindles
5. Harahan
6. Circles
7. Sleep
8. Talk
9. Diemtea
10. Breathe On

Okkoto is a local 417 Math Rock/ "Psychedelic Shoegaze Hardcore" band that's been around for longer than most people around here have been in the Springfield Scene. They're a different kind of band that I've ever seen, but one that I really like. They actually played before one of my bands before and I was blown out of the water. Sleep/Talk has been around for a while, but they just recently released it hard-copies so people are taking another look at it. 
This is a long release, almost 3 times longer than most of the releases I review, but the length of the listen is definitely worth it. 
Anyway, Some of the Math riffs, as seen in "Shimmer" and throughout make my head spin. This band only has one guitar player, and he is just amazing at what he does. Bass as well. People don't give bassist's much of a rep but I mean have you tried being the bassist of a mathcore band because that shit's probably hard. Drums are heavy hitting when they need to be, and otherwise their slight accents highly compliment the track, and help get across what they are trying to do. The entire release is supposed to be like a journey through the mind, and trust me, some of the things they do may put you in some kind of a trance. Do not listen to while driving. Vocals are fun. The screams are mid-ranged to high, frankly chaotic, and the cleans are raspy and melodic. This band is really good at contrasts, and with songs that are clocking in at 10 minutes, they do some awesome contrasting things. I'm not usually a big fan of longer tracks, they tend to drone on and leave me bored, but this release is different. The tracks do drone on, but that's exactly the point. All of the songs do kind of meld together, (also probably the point) so if I ever see something that really strikes me as amazing, I have trouble finding which song it was in. This isn't the kind of release you can listen to in segments, or just skip to one song. To get the full experience, you'll need to listen to the entire thing through. Great release, get it.

Favorite track: Shimmer