Monday, April 21, 2014

Same Mistakes EP by Jerred Williamson

Same Mistakes EP by Jerred Williamson
1.  Too Much
2. Just Right
3. Apple Tree
4. Brain Feud
5. Perspective

\Ya know what I like? When a solo artist/acoustic act is actually fun to listen to. What you've got from solo artist Jerred Williamson is an acoustic pop punk/folk-esq release. Guitar seems layered in production (production is really good (thank god)), and there is some vocal layering. Listening to this Ep brings nothing but good vibes. Jerred has an awesome singing voice, and his guitar skills are really good. Thankfully, the songs aren't like 5 minutes each so thank god about that holy crap. Most of the lyrics are personal or about a girl, but I do want to mention the last song. It's in the title guys, it's about perspective. Like the song has a really cool message about butting things into perspective, which is cool. For someone who doesn't usually review about the lyrics, yeah, but ya know. Plus, I know I've said it once, but damn, Jerred can sing. He can switch to falsetto almost flawlessly and it's really cool to listen to. So check this release out.

Favorite Track: Perspective.