Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Introvert Party--January 2014 demos

Introvert Party-January 2014 Demos

Born Mad
Double Dose of Hurt
Beans And Rice

"The kind of party I'd kind of think about kind of enjoying" 
Yeahhhh, here's a Springfield band that's around. They're pretty neat, their vibe reminds me of Reverend Horton Heat. Every thing here just grooves in that rockabilly/blues-rock kind of way. I've hung out with guys that do a lot of weed and this is what I imagine they would sound like if they were to start playing instruments. Vocals are fun, staccato (short for you non-music nerds), and off-key{(I think?) I like the sound of them anyways}. Guitar riffs are pretty heavily Hendrix-influenced in Beans and Rice, which is pretty neat. I don't know if there's bass or not; if there is, it's not coming through the mix at all. I heard these guys play with Those Dirty Eyes a bunch, and if that's the case, then these guys are probably a party to watch live.
Favorite Track: Born Mad