Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just Fine by Important Things

Just Fine | Important Things
1. Just Fine
2. Bitter Feelings
3. Suffolk County
4. The Only Thing That Matters

Important Things is from god knows where not in this hemisphere. Slightly lo-fi recordings and very moody lyrics, Just Fine is an emo/punk release about being Just Fine. Hitting the longer side of run times, the four song release does quite a good job at showing off what the band can do. It's always cool for me to see an emo band that isn't also a twinkle band. Sometimes the two genres seem to be the same, but there is a difference. Anyway, simple to intermediate guitar playing, raspy, not on tone singing (in some weird accent), simple drums and bass, I found myself spacing out and listening to this release multiple times.

Watching, Waiting, for some sign for my escape
Production wise, the entire thing is bordering lo-fi, and everything is mixed well, but the drums (dat snare tone) stand out to me most of all, aside from the lyrics. I do like how the guitar is kind of really simple but effective. Can't really hear the bass but you can tell it's there which is what it's needed for if you know what I mean.

There are some really cool things going on in "Suffolk County", which make it the track that stands out to me most of all music wise. At times I feel like the band isn't on time together, missing the one beat and such, but they always bring it back together and recover pretty well. Overall this is a normal emo music release that you'll find normally. Check it out, it's definitly something.

Favorite track: Suffolk County