Saturday, April 12, 2014



Stiffest Boy In America
John Glam Is Not Your Dad
A show about people who (get this) used to be babies
The Hobo on The Poor Jeremy Sticker
pizza b0ss
Busta Rhymes 
finger snaps!
MC Hamlet

handwriting! is a band from somewhere, they play emo (like almost everything else I review, eh) heavily influenced by the current bands of the "emo revival" phase and likes of American Football (duh), Have Mercy and Small Town Bike. They remind me a lot of The Reptilian but not as crazy. This album takes a few listens to get hooked on it, but once it catches on, it's totally worth it. But the vocals in both bands here are very similar. I had to look up John Glam to make sure he wasn't my dad. [Maybe he's Adrians' dad? We'll never know].

Talking about "John Glam Is Not Your Dad" towards the end there is a very american football part that evolves into a very Reptilian outro, that's pretty cool. Actually most the songs have parts where they almost feel like American Football covers. Cool. Songwriting is pretty much on point, except when it gets to the parts where the vocalists does repetition with the lyrics, it feels the same each time. Lyrics are about not belonging where said character is. Guitar work is very twinkly, bass is not following the guitars all the time (+10 points), drums are solid and give the song the usual emo texture, and yeah.

 I like the song titles.

Fav track: finger snaps!

"I have girly handwriting!" my friends all say