Friday, April 11, 2014

Iron Born--Crimes Against Humanity

Iron Born--Crimes Against Humanity

note: ACAB

Crimes Against Humanity
St. Peter
Earth & Hell
Evil Thing (Danzig cover)

Yeahhhhh, Iron Born, is a OK metallic hardcore band. Man, these guys are heavy, not like sludge-heavy, but HEAVY. This ep is so tight and clean. It almost sounds professional (probably is). Crystal clear and on fire, Crimes Against Humanity starts off with your typical hardcore open strums. \cool/ The vocals on this track has a lot of attitude, so watch out cops, you're not safe while this is playing. The riff that slows down at the end of the first track increases heaviness by 20%. The beginning of Survivor probably has the tightest groove I've heard in awhile, I just want to listen to that groove for the 2:24 time slot. (I don't have anything else to say about the rest of that song)

Birthrite comes out like a punch from the south, blues-rock influence is strong and I dig it. The bluesy guitar lead/solo totally compliments this. Vocals are very sassy. The only thing I could think about during St. Peter is this is probably what RZL DZL would sound like if they took themselves seriously. (lol) Earth & Hell gets all 80's trash going here, digging those groove parts, homies.

That Danzig cover was tight.

Note: Drum tones sound better than most hardcore eps I've listened to (I need stop listening to so much poor-recorded emo crap) and also, I played with these guys in sometime in January (In springfield) with my band, Alpha.

fav track: Birthrite