Thursday, April 24, 2014



Ted My Boy It's Gonna Be Legen...
First Interlude 
You're Not Even Listening
Coward Heart
Second Interlude
My Dad Is Convinced To Live As Long As He Can
Five Twelve
Third Interlude
Well I WAS Writing This For My Girlfriend
Home Wrecker
Fourth Interlude//I'm Sorry

Jonesing (Not to be confused with Jonesin') is a emo/dream pop band from somewhere that starts off with a familiar-sounding, HIMYM reference-titled, interlude that builds with a twinkle-y melody into a Dinosaur Jr. mixed with Nai Harvest song talking typical teenage-angst that all sound very familiar but not stagnant. The whole album just kind of flows betweens songs and interludes all with the same overall looseness of a reverb of a big room.

Vocal harmonies bring forth more of that Nai Harvest-influenced vibe without much of the speed or energy. It's more a chill album that's probably more appropriate of end of autumn or rainy summer days. There is also vibes of Title Fight and Jawbreaker but they have their own sound with it. Beacon has a nice trumpet (or some horn instrument as I'm really bad at knowing horns from hearing them) melody but the vocals are kind of The Story So Far-ish and that makes me like it less. BUT I'm really digging how the drums are basically forcing the song to be in 6/8 and that beat towards the end is probably my favorite 6/8(or 3/4) drum beat and I think it fits well. My Dad Is Convinced To Live makes me kind of miss my dad, and it's a real downer. Five Twelve builds it back up and talks about how u mom is important. Nah it actually just three-line metaphor about how you shouldn't take things so seriously and shouldn't dwell on the past. Third Interlude is my favorite of the five interludes on this album.

if my mother can bare all the things that i put her through, then I can bare to think of this time we wasted away. It shouldn't be hard to deal with this pain

In general, I think this album is just a downer and makes you think about how sad you should feel. It's packed with emotion and is actually pretty tight release which is pretty cool for an emo band with the small amount of twinkle Jonesing plays.

Fav track: Beacon

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