Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The World Is Empty by Wrong Answer

The World is Empty | Wrong Answer
1. The World Is Empty
2. Citizen of Hell
3. Factotum
4. Chance

Bust it!So lets just acknowledge that this is an older release but I mean it's not like that matters. But what we've got from this release from Wrong Answer is a tr00 hardcore release, the kind EVERYONE needs to listen to. It starts off a little 2010 metalcore with some weird talking part but the fast paced-hard hitting style of hardcore that it goes into is something to get pumped about. Vocals are mostly clean yells, the kind you see these days with bigger bands like Expire

the world is empty, devoid of life
the windows are barred
doors are locked tight
i followed a whisper down an empty street
i see no opportunity, my life is just immune to me

I imagine lots of posi jumps and two-stepping. Instrument wise you've got your simple drums, the kind that doesn't really stick out to me, and the guitars are mostly clean. This entire release is just one big simple thing. 4 songs of simple. But when it comes to hardcore music simple is good. Check this release out, like I said it's an older one, but it's one that you won't want to pass up. 

favorite track: The World Is Empty