Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Divine Unknown by East Beast

The Divine Unknown| East Beast
1. Werewolf Order
2. The Divine Unknown
3. Destroy Your Deceiver
5. Quality over Quantity
6. Decipher

Awwww yes, Boston Hardcore band East Beast just dropped their second release (not counting their demo), and I'm more than stoked about it. East Beast picks up from where they left off on their self-titled and just keeps going. Hard hitting, angry,  the five tracks encompassing The Divine Unknown are ones that grab your attention from the beginning. Just as before, the tracks are quick and to the point, simple and mean. This is one of those bands that I would pay quite a mint to see live. Great band, great music, and in the twoish years between this release and their self-titled, it's obvious they've grown as a band, while still sticking to what they are. Instrumentally they all seem to lock into place perfectly, and vocals, oh gosh I can't get enough of 'em. 
I still listen to the first release almost every day, and seeing this is out made my day. Anyway, yeah I don't know, check it out without a doubt. 
Favorite Track: "The Werewolf Order"

Favorite lyrics:
"Reaagggghhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhh oh."