Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Black Hole - Land of Mystery

Black Hole - Land of Mystery 

1. Demoniac City 
2. Land of Mystery
3. All my Evil
4. Bells of Death
5. Blind Men and Occult Forces
6. Spectral World
7. Obscurity in the Ethereal House
8. Overture
9. Angels of Lucifer
10. Crying Puppets
11. End of All Times

 Blackhole, or Black Hole, I'm not sure what the correct spelling is, is an early '80s Doom Metal band. I found them searching on Spotify for a local band, since I can only really use my school computer and therefore bandcamp cannot be used. Formed in '83 in Verona, Veneto, Italy, they released a few demos before releasing their first full length, "Land of Mystery," in '85.

 A haunting symphony starts this album. If I were to compare them to a newer band, they remind me a lot of Ghost (B.C.), their thin, almost whisper-ey and fairly high pitched male vocalist, and satanic, creepy theme. the difference is their guitar tone is MUCH thicker, their bass well produced and one of the defining factors of this band. The band itself reminds me a lot of Black Sabbath or Candlemass. To say the least, its haunting. Definately something I'd play on Halloween. Ghost-like vocals, a bass with a wah pedal. There's really nothing I dislike about this band. I generally don't like higher pitched male vocalists, but this one fits the band well. The intro to "Bells of Death" reminds me so much of Suicidal Tendencies's "How Can I Laugh Tomorrow," that I wouldn't be surprised if Suicidal Tendencies copied Black Hole.
 One thing I must touch on though is this is no easy listen. Songs regularly exceed 7 minutes, a few of them 8 minute monsters.

This is a GREAT doom metal album, and is an essential listen for ANYONE who likes any form of Doom Metal. 88/100. The long song length wears on you after awhile.

Favorite song: Demoniac City. Classic Doom Metal.

Blackhole – Land Of Mystery