Thursday, April 17, 2014

EnJoyed.--ep one

enJoyed||||||ep one


To Shane
enJoyed is a noise rock/experimental/jammy band from Sringfield, MO. There's two songs 9 minutes songs that slowly (think glacier) evolve into more noise. Layers upon layers of the same groove/riff build into one explosive mess (think diarrhea). Although I feel like they could've split this into a 4 song ep because halfway through both songs they split into something totally different. But whatever they could totally do a two-song set live and I'm pretty sure everybody that doesn't know this band will either think it's 4 songs or 1 song       ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cymbals are very upfront in mix, a common problem in cell phone recordings (speaking from experience), you can only feel the bass drum at the times, other times it's just inaudible. I don't know if the other instrument is a guitar or a bass or a synthesizer, but whatever it is, it's loud. When vocals come in, they stay there for a good 0.3 seconds and undecipherable and lyrics are probably artsy fartsy or about some girl that wouldn't make out with Shane.  

there's some neat grooves coming from Nathan that makes parts of these "songs" enJoyable and I like some of the effects he's getting with the other instrument.

Fav track: MOON and DEAD