Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pinkly Smooth- Unfortunate Snort

Pinkly Smooth--Unfortunate Snort
"Sold my brother into Hell"
Necromance Theatre 
Nosferatu Does A Hefty Dance
The Body Of Death Of The Man With The Body Of Death
Pixel & Nasal

Vampires, sacrificing babies, possession, black magic, murder. All of that is on this release. I'm actually just review this for nostalgic reasons (being this is from 2002 and the singer died in 2009), but I still find this a solid release. Self-proclaimed "Goblin Metal", Pinkly Smooth brings all the flavors of Thrash metal, funk, polka, and even some pop-influenced melody lines in the vocals, into a schizophrenic mess that doesn't ever get boring. Besides that snare tone in the first minute of the opening track, this release is golden (Seriously, that snare drum sounded like someone was just punching a balloon on beat.). In Necromance Theatre it starts of with a kind of Pantera-influenced riff that just evolves in some crazy inverted-funk/ska pattern for the verse. I've still yet to hear anything like it, and it's kind of disappointing. Mezmer starts off with a gnarly guitar solo in 6/8 the songs energy doesn't ever go away, even when everything but the piano drops out. Pixel & Nasal is basically Jaws if the shark became best friends with cowboys and were on a shit load of acid and copious other amounts of drugs. McFly could've EASILY been a radio hit, it's so catchy, but it won't because there's no market for this band and there never was.

All the instruments on this EP are top of their class, like damn, there's sweet guitar action everywhere, drums do a funny thing were they keep me entertained. The BASSIST actually knows how to play something other than what the guitarist is playing, the pianist/vocalist: DO YOU HEAR WHAT'S GOING ON THERE? DO YOU? 
I highly encourage taking the time to find all the tracks here on the internet. 10/10