Thursday, March 27, 2014

Giraffidae by Blue Bird

Blue bird | Giraffidae
1. Do Nothing
2. 47516
3. Joseph Candeloro
4. Giraffidae

Nottingham UK band, Blue Bird, brings four emo/twinkle song with the release Giraffidae. From the first track of this release you see the twinkle influence of this band. Songs jump around between soft and chill undertones to harsh chaotic feels. Vocals are laid back and raspy, guitars are high tone(as with all releases of this genre). Drums are nice to listen to, I love listening to drums from this genre, or any of the instrumentation for that matter, because to play twinkle music you've got to be skilled. You don't see any (good) twinkle bands filled with kids playing simple C-Am,Em,G chord progressions, four-in-the-floor drum beats, 3-0-2-3 bass lines at 4/4. Bass is actually heard fairly well in this release. Mostly what I've taken about bass guitar from all the bands I listen to, and from playing bass in a hardcore band, is that even if the bass isn't heard over everything else, it's still heard, and helps fill the void of music, such as a bass drum fills the voids in drumming. Production quality is well done with this release, I like it a lot, and if you ask anyone that knows what I like about music, the gang vocals seen in "Do Nothing" make me really happy. The only bad part about this entire release that I could find was that the songs all seem to be similar, and the vocals don't have much deviation. As a fan of emo music, I recommend this release. 

Favorite track: Do Nothing