Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beach Bums- Washed Out EP

Beach Bums--Washed Out EP
 "Sometimes it's better if party isn't pretty"
'Sup, Beach Bums here from somewhere in Cali, playing some really grungy/dirty surf punk, I have a soft spot in my heart for surf-anything so if it's got the beach feel you better believe I'm going to be a fan.

Cool thing about Beach Bums that their songs aren't pretty and nice ALL the time, there's rough parts that make you wanna do silly moves in the pit or pull your friends hair as your singing as in the first track "Can't Understand". But as soon as it's over, they move into a cool western-vibe for "Spookylust" which kinda serves as the ballad on the ep. The next few songs are pretty stock punk/surf-rock songs with lyrics about either girls or about choking out your friends or something like that. I do like the use of the feedback in "Have You Ever", it's subtle, but very psychedelic. You can definitely feel influences of NOFX which is cool. So based of this current description, y'all should love this EP so get it, cuz it'z free.

Favorite Trackz: Spookylust, Have You ever