Thursday, March 20, 2014

Acid Bank | Jinzo

Acid Bank | Jinzo
1. Bad Sky
2. Robot Hands (Prelude) 
3. Robot Hands 
4. Sing Praises
5. In My Dream I Ran
6. Big Glass (Prelude)
7. Big Glass ( Featuring Bekn Dignum) 
8. Drifting (Interlude)
9. Acid Bank
10. Forsaken Fleeto
11. Most Fearful Robbery
12. DOG BAG (Featuring Luna Webster)
13. Floating Out Of Time [featuring Fitzpunk & Brady Phantom]
14 Reunion
15. Hell Man (Outro)

Okay now that I've typed out that massive track list, time to review. 

Remember when I did that review on the ambient electronic release, Bad House? It's fine because I do. Anyway, this full length album was just released today, and if you like ambient beat music that makes you feel like you're going to go into some kind of a trance, this is exactly what you need. Most of the tracks are purely instrumental tracks, which all sound great, but there are a few that have vocals and those just

But ya know in the ambient electronic with vocals kinda way. 
For ya musical nerds out there(me) there is even a track in a time signature that isn't in 4/4 (Forsaken Fleeto) (Oh wow gee wilikers). For the most part, everything about this release holds the same chill vibe as seen on Bad House, - even with some of the same songs  -, but there seems to be a darker feeling to this release on a whole. I'm really digging it. Right now it's £4 which is some kind of weird Scottish currency. I used Google to figure out how much that is in real money (America)(jk) and it's $6.60. Really progresses well through the entire album.  I'd check it out if you need something to listen to or if you want to hear something good or if you like this kind of music. 

Favorite Track: Big Glass ( Featuring Bekn Dignum)