Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fight Back (Demo) by Badger Squad

Fight Back Demo | Badger Squad
1. Fight Back
2. No Feeling
3. The fool
4. Ungrateful

I found this release a while ago and have been jamming it ever since. Badger Squad is a dark hardcore band out of London Ont. Badger Squad is a cool band for two reasons. For one, I don't find a lot of Dark Hardcore music. Secondly, I don't find a lot of Good dark hardcore music. These guys are very br00tal, breakdowns, dark lyrics, low tones, all the good stuff. It's good stock hardcore music that anyone could mosh/get into. Vocals are deep raspy tones that dominate the tracks. A band I'd like to see live if I ever got the chance. 
They just released this live recording video for "Ungrateful" 
Check it out right

Check out their facebook right


Favorite track: No Feeling