Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bad House by Jinzo

Bad House | Jinzo
1. Bad Sky
2. Robot Hands Interlude (Alternate Remix)
3. Bad House
4. Sad Eye

So I follow this guy on Twitter from Glasgow (which is probably somewhere in North Dakota, idk) who specializes in weird twitter, and today I found out he also does music things. His newest release (as well as all of his other releases) show off this ambient/electronic style of music that I'm not use to listening to. I am a fan of chill, lay back music, and this is just what that is. Have you ever watched that show, House, with the doctor who does the medical things? Ya know that theme song? Pretend it's not by Massive Attack and that it doesn't have vocals and you've got Bad House. Anyway really digging this release, and I'm going to be checking out the rest of his stuff. You should too. The kinda stuff you hear in those foreign movies about a bunch of kids that get into a bad situation and someone dies so they need some spacey music. 

Favorite track: Robot Hands Interlude (Alternate Remix)

*I know that Glasgow is not in North Dakota. That was a joke