Saturday, March 15, 2014

Here In My Scheme, Here It Ends by Herbert Powell

Here In My Scheme, Here It Ends | Herbert Powell
1. Bodyman
2. I love My Fleeto
3. Black Glass
4. We Will Kick You In
5. Hell Farm
6. I Want To Be A Door
7. My Glass Teeth
8. Banter Orb

Found another band from Glasgow, this one is an experimental/ambient band. Sucks that I'm finding these bands that I like but I mean: 
To see these bands live would be kinda ridiculous. Anyway, as I said, Herbert Powell is an experimental/ambient/lo-fi band. I for one can really get into this, and I'm sure people who are fans of the genre's could easily get into it. Vocals are far withdrawn, and tracks are instrumentation heavy. Guitars dance around the track, drums are simple complimentary drums, and bass is driving. I think keys are scattered throughout the release but with this kind of music ya never really know. This is the kind of music I'll put on in the background and listen to while I'm doing something important like sleeping. The tracks tend to drag, but in a good way, and even though many times the instrumentation seems to be randomly placed with no direction, it all comes together at times, resulting in an awesome affect of making really cool music. Very cool thing where the entire song kind of falls apart in "My Glass Teeth". I really dig the guitar riffs and the vocals on this release. Check this band out if you are a fan of the genre.

favorite track: My Glass Teeth