Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fri[ends] by Histories

Fri[ends] | Histories
1. Not Really, But Okay
2. Think Of Me When You Shave Your Legs
3. Turtle Dove

Local band Histories' new release, Fri[ends] is a solid release from start to finish. Matching the same great production of the band's first release, Histories comes back with a 3 song progressive rock release that reminds me just how awesome our scene is. This band probably should be signed soon, all of these songs are the kind of songs you get from bigger labels. Anyway, these guys know how to play their instruments, and I'm a huge fan of the drumming off this release. Histories' vocalist hits these crazy tenor notes that make me happy just listening to it. Anyway there is some cool secondary 'scream' vocals that they throw into "Turtle Dove", a song that really brings the entire release to a close. Histories does a really good job at song writing and telling stories with their stories. Amazing band, check it out. 

Favorite track: Turtle Dove