Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hit Home/Buttons and Mindy Split

Hit Home/Buttons and Mindy Split
1. Super Nintendo Chalmers (B/M)
2. No One Beats Sub - Zero (B/M)
3. Trixie Tag (B/M)
4. Unsunset (H/H)
5. Burdener (H/H)

I'm a gigantic fan of Hit Home. (their release, "Happily Ever..."  was my top pick of 2013). They did this split a while ago with band Buttons and Mindy. Contrary to Hit Home's emotive twinkle, Buttons and Mindy  brings a indie pop twinkle to the table. Catchy lines and soft lyric heavy singing laces the songs but still is accompanied by the loving time signature changes/instrumental music of the twinkle genre. 
In contrast to the lyric heavy songs from the first half of the split, Hit Home makes a shot at showing what they can do instrumentation wise, for the most part. The talent of these guys amazes me. Be in the guitar noodling riffs that break the song, the complicated drumming patterns,  or the deep driving bass, my attention is held through Hit Home's two songs. Both bands mix very well together, making this a wonderful release. Check it out.

Favorite Track: Burdener