Thursday, March 20, 2014

My City (Is) My Defeat by (Come With Me) If You Want To Live

My City (is) My Defeat | (Come With Me) If You Want To Live
1. My City (My Defeat)
2. These Letters (That I swear I will never send)
3. A Six Year Old Girl (Says goodbye to her dad at work)
4. You Were The Bullet (Lodged in my Brain)
5. This Is It (This Is The Last Words I will Sing)

Lo-Fi release I found on Bandcamp, (Come With Me) If You want to live)  is a female fronted emo skramz band. Guitars are loud and dance around the tracks, only out mixed by the vocals, which are raw, hard, and screeching. Vocals are for the most part scramz stock, save for this weird nasal singing that kicks in in a few of the songs. At first these vocals are really annoying, but after a while they really compliment the tracks. Being a lo-fi release, you can't really hear the drums at all. They're really far back in the mix; same with bass. 
I was a little iffy about this release, because it's overall really weird, but there are times when the band takes a step back from the chaotic feel in most of there songs, and lay down a couple of seconds of music that really catches your attention. 

Favorite track: My City (My Defeat)