Friday, May 9, 2014

2303 by American Merlin

2303|American Merlin
1. The Introduction
2. Ajewstic
3. I can't Believe you actually died
4. The Woods
5. Night Light
6. Jazz Bears
7. Upstate
8. Read Eat Sleep
9. Thoth
10. My Throat Hurts
11. Holy Sung
12. The Exit
Newest release off of WayBridge Records, American Merlin is a far reaching lo-fi full length that is so full of genre's and different types of music it left me a little confused as to what was trying to be told by this album. The beginning track starts off with a great little piano instrumental song that sets the mood perfectly, creating some sick imagery. The first half of this release is really lo-fi and acoustic/alternative. Production gets gradually better as the songs progress, but seeing as how the last few songs are electronic ambient songs, they're going to be good production and stuff. Everything about this release is a gradual change into kind of like futuristic music, adding more and more electronic items and stuff, and as I listen to it more and more I realize just how good it all is. With a finishing touch to the release, "The Exit" tops everything off with a similar lo-fi piano outro to the beginning, helping solidify that this release is one that should definitely be checked out. 

favorite track: The Woods

Ps. Fuck, listen to this entire thing more than once, it gets better and better each time.