Friday, May 2, 2014


Iowacore Volume 3
91 tracks that I refuse to list

If you weren't before, after, and only after you listen to all five hours of breakdowns and other things that don't 100% match up, you'll want to hate mosh you're grandmother. I'm guessing these must all be bands from Iowa? If so, what the hell Iowa are you guys holding out on us bring some mosh over to Missouri. So me being not the BIGGEST fan of Metalcore, but still kinda able to get into it, kinda enjoyed this giant thingy. But then again I'm a little confused because not all of these bands are "core" bands. You'll find bands like Goods (emo/emo throwback) and then there is an acoustic song like four songs in. So this isn't all metalcore, but the first few million hours is. It's not bad though, all of these songs are really good, and there are quite a few gems in here.  All of these are good bands and it's cool to see a compilation of this size. Props to the Black Hand Promotions and the Iowacore guys and gals. It's cool because if you're like me you can't just sit and listen to this entire thing straight, I mean come on it's hella long. But you can always come back and just chose a part and go. You find so many different things that it's crazy cool. Pop Punk, Metalcore, Acoustic, Hardcore, Emo, Djent, everything. Iowa has a nice looking scene. Download this. It only takes a LONG time but it's worth it.

favorite track: f-dat I can't choose.

get it here 

(Shout out to Kegan of Corkscrew/goods for sending me this shit)
(all these bands may not be from iowa idk I'm stupid)