Saturday, May 31, 2014


Beau Diamond and Death Cab For Ukulele announce tour
June 23rd - Kansas City @ Art Closet Studios
June 24th -Des Moines @ Witmer Park
June 26th- Springfield @ Nathan P. Murphy's
June 27th - Witchita @ The Donut Whole

Missouri acoustic acts Beau Diamond and Death Cab For Ukulele are heading out on the road for their second tour this summer, and one of the stops is going to be in good ole' Springfield Missouri. Actually my own band, Kaptain Krunch Cidz is going to play the springfield date so that'll be awesome. I met these two when Beau came and played at the OBEC a while ago, and I really digged his acoustic folk jams. He's coming out with a new release soon and I put on an interview with Joshua Milligan, (Death Cab For Ukelele), owner of Waybridge Records, to which both artists are signed. 
Here comes my super professional interview that I did:

This is your second tour? what do you have to offer differently from your first?
Beau has a new album coming up, and I've also been planning my ep (possibly) and a lot of new Waybridge releases

Are you going to be selling other releases from waybridge on the tour?
Yeah dude for sure. Going to just try and spread the Waybridge name / see kick ass people we miss that are in Springfield. (Also we got kick ass stickers)

What stop are you most excited for?
We are definitely pumped about our Springfield date. We have a lot of solid locals on that bill. Kaptain Krunch Cidz was a fun as hell band I did a review for and Charlie was life changing good. But all the dates are going to be rad as hell. The Des Moines show we have Lesbian Poetry playing with us, who is a stud. Along with seeing a shit ton of new land

Is Death Cab Going as just you or are you bringing Kaitlin Rose Evans with you?
Unfortunately it will only be me for right now, and I'll be doing shorter sets still. Kaitlin is the true beauty and talent of DCFU, so hopefully I'll be able to steal her away for our July tour in Illinois.

Oh and Beau is bringing along part of Space Wolf Infinity, CJ Wagner who is an insane percussionist, and just an all around great person. We're really excited to spend five days altogether because he's been working his tail off in the studio and at a new side job he got to help support him/ the band. 
We're really excited for the dynamics a three piece drumset adds as opposed to just beau on the guitar. They actually have a new project called The Collective Dream Band, which once they get a bassist will sound really awesome
Who would win in a fight between you and Beau?
I've got squirrel-like instincts, but Beau has an obscene amount of finger strength. Any other opponent I would demolish, but I'll give it to beau, he'd win

Final Question: If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?
I would just want anything that could help change the music industry That's what Waybridge is about honestly.  Like every release I've ever done, I'm a lucky enough guy to get to say "this person is a FRIEND of mine. Not just another product" most of these labels now are like a McDonalds worker with just a "hey, it's just another order up" kind of mentality. I want every release to be a great tune from a great dude (or dudette) that brings something new or cool.  So I guess, wealth? Is that a superpower? Hahah

Well I mean that's batman's superpower, but hey, that's an awesome response. Can't wait to play with you guys again, and to just see you two, You're both great guys!