Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lavender Town by Free Throw

Lavender Town| Free Throw
1. Slam With The Best Or Jam Like The Rest
2. Now Kith
3. Lavender Town
4. Pennsylvania Dutch

What do you get if you combine Twinkle and Pop-y punk-y stuff? I dunno probably shit but in other news Lavender Town by Free Throw combines twinkle guitar with emo vocals and almost a pop punk catchiness to it. The four song release has audio clips thrown in between the songs, developing the story of what the band is trying to get along. I'm pretty sure these guys weren't trying to be too serious with the audio but they are still a little serious so i dunno. I thought it was cool. Anyway, between the pokemon reference in the name, and the super catchy songs and great production, I'd say this release is hella nice. FFO: Crying at night, being sad, post-breakup sadness, cute mainstream emo bands, twinkle guitar, really cool drums.
I don't rank things because I think that takes away from the review but since this review is one of the shittiest I've done, I'll rank this with a 13700 on a scale of 1-14501, with 1 being horrible, and 14501 being the equivalent of a 5 on a more reasonable scale.

Favorite Song: Lavender Town