Thursday, May 22, 2014

Light & Sound|||American Merlin

American Merlin| Light&Sound

Let The Wind Blow
Don't Forget To Be Patient
Black Sand
Magic (Science)
You Had It All Planned Out
The Volume and Tone On That One Tom is Driving Me Crazy
This Does Not Exist
Light (flood-d remix)

Light & Sound is American Merlin's new release (Waybridge Records). I didn't listen to the other one Adrian reviewed (2303 is what I think it's called) but listening to this gives off that hypnotic vibe as the repetitive electronic beats and lazy vocal melodies. This album doesn't ever climax, but it's cool because it's just chill and sounds like something I'd listen to in my car on a rainy summer morning as I fantasize about drowning my car in the river. 

That being said, Let The Wind Blow has this almost modern-tribal vibe to that beat, it's pretty sweet and I thought I'd say something about it. I like the contrast of styles in each song but how it maintains the same vibes throughout. Like Don't Forget To Be Patient is a nice piano ballad and Black Sand switches to this nice ukulele (I think) tune that reminds me of sitting on a beach in the winter while the snow falls. Magic(Science) comes around with a Postal Service-vibe and I dig it. Aye is a little weird because it just goes into this 8-bit/hiphop groove and it kind of takes away from the total experience. I liked the concept behind "The Volume And Tone Of That One Tom Is Driving Me Crazy" and I also relate to the title because I have one tom on my set that sounds like lasagna being thrown at a wall and I haven't got it replaced yet. All n all, this album is just kind of a relaxer, almost in the drug sense, but minus the drugs. 

Fav track: Black Sand or Let The Wind Blow