Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Demo 2013 by No Thanks

Demo 2013 | No Thanks

1. intro 
2. Here For the Show 
3. No Thanks 
4. Not Alone 
5. My Mistakes 
6. A New Chapter

"So I try to do the best I can
Every single day"

Really really really really really really really cool straight edge youth crew band from Oklahoma, No Thanks plays some super positive music. This six song demo says a lot in 8 minutes, and the energy lasts throughout. I will say something about youth crew bands. While these guys have a really cool message (at least to me), if you aren't into the youth crew scene, you might not be able to enjoy this. Good music still at least. Vocals are remenicint of a deeper Minor Threat, or on more local level, Free at Last. What I like about these kinds of bands most of all has got to be the fact that they seem to carry on the "True hardcore" aspect of the music. 80's and shit I don't know I'm only 17 I don't know what I'm talking about. Anyway the track that the band loan's it's name to is the longest, and that's cause it's got a long two-steppy part. Production for a demo is really good, and I'm feeling like this should have instead been called an EP but I mean yo. I first heard about these guys when their bassist, Hal Crossno sold me like six tapes from his label for five dollars. I hadn't heard about them and I didn't know he was their bassist, but I gave them a listen. I don't regret it. Check these posi bois out.

Favorite track for lyrics and stuff: My Mistakes

Favorite track overall because it's a good song: No Thanks