Monday, May 5, 2014

Under Darkness and Prayer by Vulgar Display

Under Darkness and Prayer  | Vulgar Display
1. Final Taste
2. No God Here
3. Voices Unknown
4. Architects of Corruption
5. Guilty Spared
6. One Eye Open

"Alright guys r u ready 2 2 step till u heart explodes?"

Vulgar Display, Dallas Texas Hardcore, is one of those hardcore bands everyone talked about but I never listened to, so I decided to check them out. I'll tell you what, these guys are a jam to listen to. They've got all the skanky palm muted parts you could ever want, and I bet the pits at these guys shows are crazy. 
Now in retrospect however, I've heard better hardcore bands that aren't as big. However, for how big these guys are, they've probably got something up their sleeve to deserve it. Probably a killer live performance. It's not like this isn't a good release, it's actually really really good. I'm probably just listening to too much music. 
Anyway, these guys take a metallic spin on what they do, which I always find cool (Think ALIENATE YOU) and such, but these guys are the most hardcore metallic hardcore band I've seen in a while. Vulgar Display is hard hitting and the kind of hardcore that is simple, mindless, but what you want to hear. 
Production on this release is really well done, and it's not that long. Although however relatively speaking, it's a pretty long hardcore release. 
I'll be putting these guys in my tr00 hxc playlist and I'll be waiting for more music. They're coming to the good ol' 417 soon so that'll be cool.
Check em' out if you haven't (You probably have)

favorite track: voices unknown