Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lucy by On The Waterfront

Lucy|On The Waterfront
1. Too Many Cookies
2. Polar Bear Tears
Hey d00ds r u ready 2 get down to some easycore music? Yeah I bet. Easycore confuses me, it's got the upbeat-happiness of pop punk but then the anger of hardcore-esq breakdowns. I wouldn't even call them hardcore breakdowns to be honest. How many hardcore band's do you see go half time while the drummer rides a china at quarter notes? Not many, trust me. Anyway, On The Waterfront is an easycore band, along the lines of For the Win, and this two song demo release helps show off what they can do. I would have enjoyed it a little bit if the singer wasn't so obviously autotuned. Production is really good, and everything's got a niceish feel for easycore I guess, but then on the second song, during this slow part, the vocals are just so obviously autotuned. If it turns out they aren't autotuned then I deeply apologize but i mean come on no one sings like that. Of the two songs, the one that's slightly enjoyable is "Too Many Cookies". Anyway, if you're a fan of easycore, (which I'm not), I feel like you would probably enjoy this release. I'm not so clouded by my not love of the genre that I can't see that this is a decent release. Check it out. 

better track of the two: Too Many Cookies.