Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Albatross by Foxing

The Albatross by Foxing
1. Bloodhound
2. Inuit
3. The Medic
4. Pent up in a Blind
5. Rory 
6. Bit by a Dead Bee Pt. 1
7. Bit by a Dead Bee Pt. 2
8. Den Mother
9. Calm Before
10. Quietus

Foxing is an emo group out of St. Louis Missouri. Their release, The Albatross, is in my opinion, an exceptional emo record. To me, this release will be the next American Football in ten or so years. This is a release pushing towards Vices era Brand New, filled with scratchy, fuzzy recordings, and light guitar playing. Just like most emo bands these days, noodling is used on the guitar. Almost a twinkly feeling meets the band on songs such as "Bit by a Dead Bee Pt. 1" and on "Den Mother". If you are a fan of emo music, this is the release for you. If you aren't a fan of emo music, this is still a release for you. This is an amazing release, and I fell in love with it after one or so listen through. It's a relatively short release, so if you aren't paying attention you may end up listening to it three or four times. Get it.

Favorite Track: Rory