Thursday, January 30, 2014

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1. Cleave
2. Ice Cream Shop
3. Crushin' Cousins
4. Radio
5. If You

Blues rockish band hailing from the 417,  The Kursk's release is chock filled with mid 20th century instrumentation and vocals/lyrics. Production value of this release is really well done on a whole, and even though I don't listen to a lot of this kind of music, I found myself really enjoying the sound of The Kursk. You get a lot of blues-esq riffs throughout the songs, and the bass lines are wonderful to listen to. The vocals are great, the singer really knows how to sing, and everyone seems skilled at the instruments they play.  The song writing is good, and I can differentiate each song easily by instrumentation, making it not feel like there is just one huge song. Lyric wise, the songs seem a little young, the kind of stuff you'd find on the radio (pre-swearing radio). The entire release has a blithely feel to it, and it's a great listen, check it out. Really well done. 

Favorite Track: If You